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Chargeman A4(水电工)

29/06/21 14:08
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Job Type:
Full Time
RM1800.00 - RM2000.00 per hour , including bonuses
Start Date:
Job Requirements:
  • Have maintenance-related education
  • At least 2 year of plumber experience
  • Basic computer skills

Description of Job:
  • Participate in the self-examination of hydropower construction drawings and hydropower budget of each project
  • Responsible for tracking, supervising, and coordinating management of hydropower site construction
  • Track the progress of the project's hydropower construction and provide a feasible construction plan
  • Do a good job in the quality inspection of hydropower construction and the acceptance of hidden projects
  • A4/BO(Hold the relevant license A4/BO                                                                                                                                                                                 资历要求
1. 拥有维修相关学历
2. 拥有相关/同行经验2年/以上
3. (基本的电脑操作)

1. 水电设备维修
2. 水管维修,电路维修
3. 空调维护

1. 参与各项目水电施工图的自审及水电预算(
2. 负责水电现场施工的跟踪、监督、协调管理工作(
3. 追踪项目水电施工进度,并提供可行性施工方案
4. 做好水电施工的质量检查工作及隐蔽工程的验收工作
5. 持有相关牌照 

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