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Supply Chain Manager

06/12/21 8:00
Klang, Selangor
Job Type:
-Responsible for the performance and continuous improvement of the Supply Chain and Logistics functions.-Responsible for identifying key strategic needs and opportunities across multiple product lines and modes of transportation as well as establishing business plans for implementation.-Enhance supply chain process by adopting suitable systems and technology that support the business requirements.-Demonstrated ability to serve as a knowledgeable resource to the organization's management team that provides leadership and direction by developing and empowering others.-Establish initiatives to drive adherence and performance with our supply chain partners.-To develop customer service and corresponding inventory policy to attain cost-effective operation and customer?s satisfaction-Determine key supply chain KPIs.-Develops and creates the company?s supply chain strategy to maximize customer satisfaction at the lowest possible cost and to ensure an efficient smooth distribution and delivery arrangement.-To manage the scheduling team to ensure on-time delivery by optimizing relative-Ensure warehouse rules and SOP are strictly followed, develop and implement safety guidelines in all aspects of the supply chain ensure that the warehouse and logistics activities are in order and compliance to the procedures.-Review sales, orders and inventory data to prepare forecast and order planning.-Ensuring that the financial objectives set by the Group are met properly.-Control logistic and warehouse operating cost.-Manages projects: Develops project plans outlining work plans, timelines, roles and resources; Identifies and leads cross-functional project team; Manages team progress to ensure achievement of all milestones and deliverables; Provides updates to senior management and all stakeholders of progress through frequent communications of findings at regular intervals via reports and meetings.-Develops recommendations: Develops and delivers project recommendations to senior management and all stakeholders; Presents changes in business strategy including key markets, distribution channels, pricing, processes and organization; Develops implementation strategy.-Responsible for monitoring overall operation activities - storage, allocation and inventory stock levels. Always manage the warehouse stock level optimally, ensure proper planning and delivery of orders and dispatch correctly according to timeline.-Work closely with the Sales and Marketing department to determine the most cost-effective distribution solution for supply chain processes and ensure a common understanding of requirements and capabilities and build an accurate and reliable forecast.-At least 10 years of Managerial experience in the related field is required for this position.?-Have 3PL and warehouse experience.-Have experience in Supply Chain Transformation and develop a roadmap.?-Able to work independently, good analytical and strategic thinking skills.-Excellent supervisory and management skills.-Excellent problem-solving skills.-High integrity with the business? core value alignment?-Good command in English and Bahasa Malaysia?

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